An estimated 30,000 foreigners are not registered on the padrón in Orihuela Costa

The town halls of Orihuela and Orihuela Costa have launched a campaign titled “Orihuela Avanza contigo. Empadrónate”, which aims to encourage more foreign residents to register on the padrón.

According to official data, the Orihuela Costa has a total population of 23,000 habitants, 17,000 of which are foreign.

However, the Department of Statistics estimates (from looking at NIE applications) that there are in fact around 30,000 non-Spaniards living on the coast that have not registered with the town hall as living here permanently.

On the basis that all town halls receive grants and subsidies from the regional and national governments based on the number of residents living in the municipality, their main aim is to get as many people signed up on the padrón and registered with their local town hall as possible.

This new campaign that is designed to encourage foreign residents to sign up has been promoted in four different languages: – English, French, German and Spanish.

And the campaign lists the benefits to residents of registering with the town hall, including the rights to medical care, to vote, to access the public education system and public services.

As well as this, the campaign specifies exactly what is needed to register on the padrón – as well as the importance of doing so.

Noelia Grao y Sofía Álvarez, who head the Departments of Statistics and Foreign Residents, have said: “We are committed to improving the attention given to residents living on the Orihuela Costa, as they are an important category of people for the development of the municipality, in which there are 101 different nationalities all living together.”

In order to make it easier for foreigners to register on the padrón for Orihuela Costa, a new system has been put in place whereby the registration can be done online at, this way simplifying the procedure and avoiding long queues at the town hall.

In addition, opening hours at the Playa Flamenca town hall have also been extended for those visiting the office in person to get their padrón, and are now from 8.30h to 14.30 from Monday to Friday.