Run with the devils and fire then watch the Hogueras burn

OK, so if you love fireworks of all kinds, loud bangs, whizzing noises, fire, heat, strange medieval music and large crowds of people running about in different directions, then this is definitely the event for you this week.

This Thursday 21 June will see many towns burning their Hogueras that have been set up on display since the end of last week. In Rojales the actual setting of the effigies on fire – the cremà – will take place at 23.00h.

Nevertheless, an hour before, at 22.00h, there will be a Correfocs, which literally translated means ‘fire-runs’.

The Correfoc is a Catalán tradition in the summer solstice fiestas where a group of people dress as devils and light fireworks that are fixed on devils’ pitchforks or strung above the route. Dancing to the sound of a rhythmic drum group, they set off their fireworks amongst the crowds of spectators. The spectators that participate dress to protect themselves against small burns and attempt to get as close as possible to the devils, running with the fire. Other spectators will watch from “safe” distances, rapidly retreating as necessary. Bullfighting springs to mind here!

If this looks like an event that you would love to attend, here are the details, and for a good idea of what to expect, check out this video on YouTube from last year’s event:

Date: Thursday 21 June

Time: 22.00h

Place: Plaza de la Iglesia

Address: Plaza de la Iglesia, 03170, Rojales, Alicante

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