Three weekends of unexpected music concerts in Torrevieja

Over the next three weekends from June 24th until July 7th there will be a selection of totally eclectic and surprising concerts on the seafront  in Torrevieja. Bands from Australia, Nepal, Colombia, France and Spain will be playing disparate styles of music from ambient electronica to psychodelic cumbia, via Asian rhythms and Balkan.

Musicas Inesperadas (Unexpected Music) is a new initiative organised by the Municipal Institute for Culture and the producer Nomad Radio which continues the Town Hall’s promotion of events in the street which are open to all, free and high quality, explained Councillor Domingo Pérez.

Promoter Miguel Buendía said the idea is to bring different types of music which people are listening to in capital cities around the world, regardless of styles or languages. The only common denominator is the careful selection of high quality acts.

The season of concerts is also part of the Sziget Route, a European tour associated with one of the biggest festivals in the world, Sziget in Bugapest.

All the concerts will be from 8:30pm to 1am at the piscinas naturales (natural pools) by the Paseo Juan Aparicio.

The first is on Sunday June 24th by Candeleros, a group of Colombians and Venezuelans living in Madrid, followed by a session of tropical electronic dance music by the Colombian duo Guacamayo Tropical DJs. Both acts are spearheading the new tropical sound that has been conquering the dancefloors in Madrid of the last few years and are a mix of traditional Latin American sounds with electronic music.

It continues on Saturday june 30th with Ed is Dead, an ambient electronic quartet from Madrid who are on tour to present their latest album, Your Last 48 Hours, which has been acclaimed  by critics and the public  as the best electronic album of the year in Spain. The leader of the band, producer and DJ will close the evening with a set that will delight lovers of electronic dance music.

The final concert on Saturday July 7th offers more exotic sounds from Katmandu in Nepal when Kanta dAb dAb will visit. This trio of sitar, bass and drums fuse western jazz and rock rhythms with traditional Nepalese and Hindustani music, transporting listeners to the magical world of the Himalayas.

The night will continue with the very fun band of gypsies Lolo Lovina, from Sydney Australia, who mix Balkan traditions with swing, tango and even heavy metal. To end, the French DJ Grounchoo, one of the principal cultural shakers of nights in Barcelona, RÍo de Janeiro, Berlín, Rome and many other places, will present a session that could make the dead dance, mixing Balkan with ska, punk, Latin rhythms and electronica.