If Summer School sounds a bit dull, try some of the events on offer here for a unique experience this year

Fancy sleeping with wolves? How about a night safari? Or maybe you just fancy a gentle stroll through a candlelit, natural pathway? All of these options are on offer at the Terra Natura animal park in Murcia this summer.

In collaboration with the Murcia regional government, the park has prepared an intense and innovative program for the summer, especially designed for families and young children.

Murcia councillor José Guillén explained that “this year Terra Natura will offer original activities during the summer so that it will be transformed into a space for the whole family to enjoy.” Continuing, how the park wanted to “give special emphasis on activities that are offered nowhere else in the Region and that are only suitable for a space like Terra Natura.”

The season will begin on June 15 with ‘The night of the candles’, where the park visitors can enjoy the zoo at sunset as the whole tour will be decorated with 5,000 candles and four musical groups distributed throughout the space will play accompanying tunes as you stroll. A unique gastro experience will also be offered along the way, with tapas and tasting as part of the agenda. It might sound idyllic, but that also means it will be popular, with forecasts predicting more than 1,000 people will attend.

Children will be entertained and educated with face painting and a lantern workshop, and play areas available throughout the park until 01:30 in the morning.

Subscription to the entire Summer School is also now open, which will take place from June 25 to September 5, a combination of zoo, water park and a host of activities designed for children are all lined up, and this year seeing the addition of a novel activities for the older attendees, animal robotics, music therapy, emotional intelligence, zumba, yoga or self defence.

Visitors can also have their bodies transformed whilst attending, becoming a mermaid or merman, although not permanently, although you can have a photograph to record the moment for posterity. This activity will be on weekends throughout te summer, and some evenings later in the week in July and August.

If you don´t fancy becoming a mermaid or merman, how about getting right back to nature and ´Sleeping with Wolves´? This is open to those aged between 6 and 14, offering a night of camping, surrounded by animal protectors.

The activity includes night safari, games, workshops, dances, tents, breakfast and a swim in the water park, accompanied by monitors. The dates of the activity ‘Sleeping with Wolves’ will be on June 29, July 13, July 27, August 17 and August 31 (from 8:00 pm on Friday at 12:30 on Saturday).

You can also attend nocturnal safaris, a guided tour of the park starting at 8:00 p.m. and including the raptor bird show, offering the possibility of enjoying this guide with or without dinner included.

In addition, from June 23, entertainment activities around the aquatic area will be added, this year with a theme that will revolve around the pirate world, around the world, the Hawaiian party and explorers.

This year also sees the addition of a new area for children to enjoy, a splash park with water jets for children.

For more information, visit their website, murcia.terranatura.com.

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