Computer image of the Emergencies Centre design

Town Hall and Valencian Government have been unable to reach an agreement

Construction of the Orihuela Costa Emergencies Centre, scheduled to open in 2019, could well be delayed again. The project is still in the administrative stage and has not yet been put out to tender because Orihuela Town Hall and the Valencian Government have been unable to reach an agreement about the conditions under which it should be carried out.

Orihuela Socialist (PSOE) Councillor María García, whose party is in charge of the Valencian Government department responsible for the project, blamed the attitude of the Partido Popular-Ciudadanos council in Orihuela for asking for between €500,00 and €700,000 that is needed to complete the complex, which has a budget of €2.2 million.

The Emergencies Centre was started in 2010 with funds from the last Valencian Government’s Plan Confianza but work stopped in 2010 after the construction company went out of business. In 2016 the new Valencian Government announced it would assign €1.6 million to finish the project.

García reminded that in December Mayor Emilio Bascuñana and the Valencian Director for Emergencies, José María Ángel Batalla jointly presented the project and announced that with the money assigned two floors would be completed while the third would be left empty until the Town Hall obtained more funds to extend it, and then the Valencian Government would furnish it.

“The situation has not changed but now the mayor is saying that the Valencian Government will not cover the cost of the project,” she said.

She revealed that the Valencian Government is studying the viability of assigning more funds but “if for some reason it cannot do that” she asked the Town Hall to assign what is needed.

She suggested it could do this simply by reassigning the money from “ghost projects” like the Ciudad Deportiva sports centre, which still has no location or project, the sporting installations in Molins that still have not been started or the skate park in Orihuela.

Residents of Orihuela Costa are increasingly angry that the centre has not been completed, most recently after a young boy died when no ambulance with a defibrillator was available to help him.  the centre will provide a base for the Local Police, Guardia Civil, Civil Protection, Immigration and the Fire Brigade, an ambulance base in the summer and a heliport for emergencies.