Andalucia, Extremadura and the southern part of the country will feel the heat more

Temperatures shot up in Spain on Thursday, but the heat wave is set to continue with even higher temperatures on Friday and through the weekend.

A band of warm air will enter the south-western part of the country and will raise temperatures throughout that area, but the rise will also be felt in much of the peninsula.

Thermometers are expected to reach up to 37 degrees in some parts of the southwest, whilst in other areas of the country temperatures are expected to reach or exceed 30 degrees, especially in the southern half.

In the depression of the Guadalquivir, south of Extremadura and southeast of Castilla La Mancha, temperatures will also reach between 35 and 37 degrees.

In the Ebro Valley, the interior of the Valencian Community and the central area of ​​the peninsula, the thermometers will easily exceed 30 degrees by noon.

However, we will find exceptions in the Cantabrian area and Galicia, where temperatures will not rise as much as in the rest of the peninsula.

Meanwhile, on the Costa Blanca and the rest of the Mediterranean coast, although temperatures will increase, the rise and fall will be slowed down due to the effects of the sea.

As always, the advice is to avoid going out in the hottest parts of the day, wear loose fitting clothing, a hat, walk in the shade and drink plenty of water.


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