The phone had been stolen from a hospital room when the owner was giving birth

A mobile phone stolen from a woman who was giving birth in an Italian hospital has had her phoned recovered by the police in Elche.

Officers were made aware of a “nervous” individual had tried to sell the mobile phone as a second hand device, explaining how it had been locked by the operator, and, having changed the story a number of times, said that it had been found in Italy.

The officers then explained how, if that was the case, the finder has an obligation to hand the phone in and report it as having been found.

As is the case when there is any doubt in the legality of a mobile phone being sold, the officers checked the IMEI number of the device, and found it was reported stolen.

At the same time, the officers contacted the phone number that appeared associated with the terminal and were able to talk to a woman who said that her phone had been taken from a hospital room in Italy after giving birth.

After proving ownership and providing the report made at the time to the Carabinieri, the officers delivered the terminal to the police station for it to be forwarded to the rightful owner.

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