Contact the town hall with any information

As is the case within many municipalities within the region, San Miguel de Salinas has to deal with the situation of numerous colonies of feral cats, and all the associated problems that come with them.

However, the town hall has been granted a subsidy by the Valencian Regional Government to help deal with this.

The town hall has been given a sum of money to pay for the sterilization of any feral cats in the area, and to de-flea them at the same time.

Now that this grant has been given, the town hall is asking its residents for help to locate any families of feral cats by telling them exactly where they are located.

If you live in the town of San Miguel de Salinas and know the exact location of any cat colonies, please contact the Ayuntamiento or visit their Facebook page (Ayuntamiento de San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante) and let them know. There is a post on the town hall’s Facebook page where people are giving details (address etc.).

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