The shooter had tried to dispose of the weapon in the Rio Segura

During an operation given the codename ‘Canova’, the Guardia Civil in the Murcia region have been able to conclude investigation aimed at clarifying a crime of attempted murder that took place on June 2 in Las Torres de Cotillas.

The investigation resulted in the identification, location and arrest of the two persons who are allegedly suspects of the crimes of attempted murder resulting in serious injuries, illegal possession of weapons and belonging to a criminal group.

During the operation, in addition to arresting the two suspects, the officers recovered the weapon allegedly used against the resident of Las Torres de Cotillas, as well as other effects related to organised crime.

Officers from the corps made numerous inquiries both at the crime scene and in the environment of the victim in order to clarify the facts. According to the investigation, the suspects got rid of the firearm used and the mobile phones with which they communicated. The gun was thrown that same night into the Rio Segura from a bridge, near the Murcia town of Beniaján.

During the three raids made in connection with the case, evidence relating to the offences investigated was recovered, as well as a wooden press with metal plates, a type of device usually used by certain groups or criminal organisations related to drug trafficking and are used to press cocaine or hashish.

In the home of the alleged gang leader, keys to numerous vehicles and garage door controls were found. Some of the vehicles were later located by the investigators, distributed in different streets of El Palmar.

The gang were allegedly controlled from a house in the town of El Palmar, where the leader, a mechanic by profession but not working, created hidden compartments in vehicles, known as ‘caletas’ in criminal slang, used to hide narcotic substances or firearms.

Divers carried out an exhaustive search of the Rio Segura, which culminated in the locating of a pistol, which is believed to have been used by one of the detainees.

Those arrested and the items seized have been put at the disposal of the court in Molina de Segura (Murcia) which has remanded the suspects into custody as the alleged perpetrators of the shooting.

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