The trial continues although the accused has admitted the event in exchange for a reduced sentence

The man accused of murdering his partner and sandwiching the body in a meter room in an apartment block in Torrevieja (Alicante) in 2016 has accepted a sentence of 20 years imprisonment by an agreement signed by their defence and the prosecutor.

This agreement was announced on Tuesday by lawyer Carlos Martin Borromeo, at the end of the second session of jury trial for the crime in the Provincial Court of Alicante.

The suspect, John Charlie Leiva, had said on Monday during the first day, he had no intention of killing his partner, Johana Bertina PG, and acted in self defence, by grabbing her neck. In the second session, however, has asked to modify his account stating his murderous intent and the treacherous nature of the attack, explained the lawyer.

Thus, he has accepted, in full, the factual story formulated by the prosecution, who were asking for 25 years in prison. In exchange for his confession, the three accusatory parties have agreed to reduce the sentence to 20 years, which should be validated in court on Thursday by the jury with its verdict, and later in the ruling by the judge in charge of the trial.

The suspect has admitted that he strangled Johanna Bertina PG on the terrace of the family home, on calle Ramón y Cajal in Torrevieja. He did so after surprising her after cornering her and taking advantage of his greater physical build, without giving the victim any chance to defend herself, according to his new testimony.

The woman had previously told a friend of her intention to return to Chile with their two children, a girl and a boy of 14 and 8 years today, because she could no longer bear the arguments and ill-treatment.

After the crime, the confessed murderer took the body from the rooftop of the building to the meter room and hid her body by covering her with cement and bricks. The body was discovered on 17 August, over two months later, in an advanced state of decomposition, and the accused was arrested the same day by the Guardia Civil.

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