The accused even distributed posters of the missing victim

A man accused of killing his partner and leaving her body stuffed in a meter room in a Torrevieja apartment block in 2016 has argued in court that he didn´t intend to kill her.

John Charlie Leiva Tello argued in the trial which began on Monday that he killed her “unintentionally”, after grabbing her by the neck in order to “hold” her because she wanted to attack him.

In his initial appeal, the accused stated that, “I’m not a bad person or a murderer. My parents did not nurse me well, but I am a man to answer for what I have done”, appearing before the jury in the case expected to last about a week.

The prosecution are asking for 25 years in prison for the crime of murder with aggravating circumstances, because they understand that he planned the crime and executed so perfidious, without giving the victim any chance to defend herself.

Supposedly intending to prevent his partner, Johana Bertina PG, from returning to Chile, the couple´s country of origin, with their two children, he had resolved to do this on account of the situation in their relationship.

The incident occurred between the morning from 12 to 13 of June 2016, in the family home, located in Calle Ramon y Cajal in Torrevieja, when John Charlie Leiva Tello allegedly cornered his partner on the terrace and strangled her to death, according the version of the prosecution.

According to his testimony, the woman “spat” and tried to hit him and scratch him, so he grabbed her neck in a “defensive reaction” to “hold her”, but he also pushed her and she ended up falling “unconscious to the ground.” He then carried the body of the victim to the landing of the building where, seeing that she had no pulse, he forced her into a cabin located in the meter room and covered it with cement and bricks.

The defendant has said he keeps wondering “every day” in prison why he did not call the police or the emergency services, whilst has asked forgiveness from his wife, his children and his mother for the “shame and humiliation” that he caused.

The report on the disappearance of the woman wasn´t filed until much later, and by a friend, with the accused even helping to distribute posters of the victim around Torrevieja, until her body was discovered on 17 August of that year, in an advanced state of decomposition.

The prosecutor has accused the alleged murderer of offering “five different versions” of what happened during the investigation of the case and the jury discussed the numerous contradictions which incurred.

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