Suspects also include evangelical pastor and teacher of special needs children

A British man was amongst 24 people arrested following an investigation by the National Police into a paedophile ring who distributed images of child sex abuse through the internet.

Of the 24 arrested, 3 were in Alicante province, including the British man who was arrested in Torrevieja. The man’s house was searched by police who found thousands of images relating to child sexual abuse of a graphic nature.

There were other disturbing suspects in the case, including a dining room monitor and a teacher who worked with children with special needs, and a evangelical pastor who claimed to have the images on his computer so that he could investigate why people want to look at such images so as to help more people in the future. Also, in Granada two detainees, a man and his stepdaughter would allegedly identify their prey and then the 30-year-old woman would seduce them into sending pictures of a sexual nature.

The investigation began after officers became aware of people sharing images through social media, and having created fake profiles to do so. After identifying the people who created the profiles, they were subjected to surveillance, which subsequently resulted in their homes being searched and thousands of images of children being recovered.

In total, 24 people were arrested across Spain during the operation, in Guipúzcoa (4), Madrid (4), Alicante (3), Barcelona (2), Granada (2), A Coruña (1), Asturias (1), Palma (1), Seville (1), Cádiz (1), Navarra (1), Pontevedra (1), Valencia (1) and Las Palmas (1).