Expropriation process started prior to construction of section  that will improve safety

The Valencian government has started the process to forcibly expropriate land so it can build a roundabout at the east access to San Miguel de Salinas from the CV-95 and another on the bypass.

Public works director Carlos Domingo said it will cost €1.2 million and will improve the flow of traffic and increase safety for vehicles and pedestrians as it is a very busy road.

The CV-95 connects Orihuela and San Miguel with the coast, crossing the centre of San Miguel to the north east. Access to the centre of town is via a T junction with lanes for accelerating and decelerating. The section of about 350 metres from this junction towards Torrevieja is semi built-up with a service road on both sides and several direct accesses.

On the other side about 100 metres from the junction is a farm trail with no visibility and a split roundabout towards Torrevieja.

This makes it a place where lots of accidents happen with two black spots which they hope to resolve with these two new roundabouts, “which will provide entrances to the bypass and reduce the speed of vehicles”.

One roundabout will be to access San Miguel from the east and the urbanisation Balcón del Mediterráneo, and the other on the way out towards Torrevieja. At the same time access to and exits from the bypass will only be allowed to the right, and there will be a central reservation between the roundabouts, two bus stops with shelters and gardens and lighting on the roundabouts.

Anyone affected by the expropriations has 15 days to appeal and the ruling will be made official at San Miguel Town Hall on June 28th from 10:30am to 1pm.