Vehicles queued up outside house to buy drugs

The Guardia Civil have arrested two women and a man aged 45, 27 and 21, all Spanish and from the same family, for allegedly dealing drugs. They were selling to the public in a residential area of Redován, where addicts from surrounding towns came to buy.

Residents saw their tranquil neighbourhood disrupted at the beginning of the year when a man started to sell drugs openly in the street, right by their houses, attracting drug dependents from places like Orihuela, Callosa de Segura and La Campaneta.

The Guardia Civil immediately assigned several officers to investigate, which became complicated because of the security measures installed in the two houses owned by the family. There were security cameras, controlled by the two women, which pointed to the entrances of both houses to supervise the drug deals. This was in addition to making patrols on foot and by car to make sure they were not being watched.

Perhaps his made them overconfident because sometimes they abandoned all discretion and allowed vehicles to queue at the door of the house to collect drugs they had previously ordered on their mobile phones, which the investigators referred to as a “drug drive-thru”.

One searches of the two houses had been authorised, it was discovered that this family, none of whom had paid jobs and who may also have been claiming benefits, were hiding €21,865 in different places, like one made from a roll of toilet paper, freezer containers, or inside a powdered baby milk packet. The Guardia also found doses of cocaine and materials for packaging the drugs.

A court charged the suspects and released them.