Orihuela police noticed a strong smell when they stopped the vehicle at a checkpoint

Last Wednesday, while manning a vehicle checkpoint, Orihuela Local Police stopped a vehicle when they noticed the driver react strangely to their presence.

As they went closer to identify him, the officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana from inside the vehicle, so decided to examine it and the driver more closely.

The officers were extremely surprised when they found two large boxes in the boot which the driver admitted contained marijuana. The arrested the 36 year old man, who is a resident of Alicante, and seized the drugs, which turned out to weigh a total of 9 kilos.

In another incident, Orihuela Local Police arrested a man for an attempted robbery with violence and intimidation in the Barrio de Capuchinos area. A young man told police a man armed with a knife had tried to rob him, and they found and arrested the suspect nearby with a 25cm long knife on his person.