Water cut off two roads and inundated farms nearby

A broken motor by the River Segura, owned by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS), caused the loss of thousands of litres of water in Orihuela on Sunday. Fields were flooded, roads cut off and residents had to leave their homes due to the breakdown.

The affected engine house is located on the CV-925 road by the river transfer pipes and seems to have been caused by a piece above one of the valves falling off, which broke and water started to come out in torrents. In Arneva one of the pipes could not take the pressure and blew open, spewing out a huge amount of water that was supposed to be for irrigating farms.

It happened at 15.45 and Local Police and Guardia Civil from Jacarilla has to close this road between Desamparados and Arneva as it was completely flooded and impossible to pass.

Fire fighters from Orihuela at first tried to plug the leak but it was impossible due to the amount of water and the pressure it was coming out at. the CHS gave the order to shut off the supply “to avoid big losses of water” but given the scene they did not manage this.

The fire brigade evacuated four people from three houses in Arneva for risk of flooding. three left on foot and one had to be carried because they were afraid of coming out because there was so much water at the door of their house.

The excess water was diverted to the River Segura and a nearby reservoir to drain the flooded fields. The rise in the water level of the river was still visible in the evening.