Provincial Council approves payment to cover 100% of the cost

The Provincial Council of Alicante has agreed to modify a loan so that 100% of the cost of renovating street lighting in La Mata in Torrevieja can be paid for with an investment of €912,620.

Vice-president Eduardo Dolón explained this fulfils the promise they made in their 2018 budget, at the request of the Partido Popular, to give Torrevieja Town Hall €30,000 to draw up the project, after which the rest would be paid for with financially sustainable investments.

The Provincial Council also informed Torrevieja Town Hall it will agree to subsidise work to reasphalt a variety of streets for €1 million, covering 50% of the cost. This subsidy will still have to be approved along with the other financially sustainable investments at a meeting of the Council.

“This €1.5 million proves the Provincial Council is attending to the municipality and to the county of the Vega Baja, and not at all causing problems,” he said. He accused the mayor of Torrevieja of waging war against him when “he has absolutely nothing to complain about”.