Two cars also burned in town on Thursday night

A fire in an apartment building on Avenida Orihuela in Torrevieja last night required four people to be evacuated. It started at 2.47am on Friday in the fuse box of a commercial unit on the ground floor.

Fire fighters from the Torrevieja station (Vega Baja Sur) decided to evacuate the three storey building as a precaution but found that only two homes there were occupied. There were two couples in each one and they were all foreign, according to the Provincial Fire Brigade.

The fire fighters had difficulty locating the origin of the fire, which complicated their work to extinguish it. Once they had found that it had come from the fusebox they were able to deal with it quickly.

Another fire about an hour before burned two cars on Avenida de las Habaneras. The rapid intervention of the fire brigade prevented the flames from spreading to more vehicles or even to a first floor flat by where the vehicles were parked.

According to the Provincial Fire Brigade, the fire started in the boot of one of the cars and spread to the second car. The vehicles were already incinerated so the fire fighters concentrated on stopping it from spreading.