Six men suspected of breaking into 21 homes

The Guardia civil have arrested six men in Pilar de la Horadada who are aged between 17 and 39, and are from Ukraine, Moldavia, Morocco (2), Spain and China.

They are suspected of involvement in 21 burglaries all in the same urbanisation and then the stolen goods would be sold in Morocco.

The investigation into a series of burglaries in one urbanisation began at the start of this year. The officers concentrated on a group of youths, four of them barely aged 20 and one just 17. They are all residents of Pilar and made up a well organised and structured criminal gang.

According to the Guardia Civil, one of them would set the targets, always to order, and another two would carry out the robberies, forcing doors and windows to break in, although sometimes a third person would help them.

When they came out another person was waiting to transport what they had stolen and finally the goods would be sold to the last member of the group, who in turn sold them on in Morocco.

During searches of three of the suspects’ houses, several TVs, mobile phones, video consoles, games, fishing rods and watches from 21 different robberies were found.

An Orihuela court ordered two of the accused into prison and the rest were released on charges until their trial.