Overtime from La Vuelta race in 2015 was tied up in court dispute

Torrevieja Local Police officers who worked overtime to cover the stage of the Vuelta a España cycling race which passed through the municipality in August 2015 will finally get paid for their extra hours.

Mayor José Manuel Dolón said he was happy to have finally resolved this matter and get the officers’ wages up to date.

This was made possible because a court has thrown out a complaint presented by the Chief Inspector of the Local Police (now Commissioner) who was against the overtime being paid.

Dolón explained this was because of the way the Chief Inspector had understood the matter, because the overtime included an hour for what is known as “juicio crítico”, a kind of debriefing after the event to analyse how the police had done, possible improvements, what they did well and how to deal with similar situations in the future.

In the end this never happened but the mayor insisted the extra hour should simply have been deducted from the payment, “but it should never have come to this. The matter could have been resolved by talking instead of sending it to the Prosecution Service, but now it is resolved and I’m happy to no longer have this thorn in my side,” he said.

The mayor noted the officers had worked extra hours at his request for a one off event and he thanked them for their complete professionalism.

“This has all been very unpleasant for me and I suppose even more so for the police,” he said.

Dolón added that he will ask for the officers to also be paid interest for the delay and check if there may be any other legal consequences.