Some of the 30 suspects also carried out robberies and mistreated animals

The Guardia Civil have arrested 30 people accused of dealing drugs from 17 places around Torrevieja.

In one of the houses they searched officers found 20 dogs, three horses and a ferret in terribly unhygienic conditions with no food or water.

The suspects are 21 men and 9 women aged between 25 and 60, 28 of whom have been denied bail and imprisoned.

The Guardia also seized 325 doses of cocaine, 35 doses of heroin, 8 doses of LSD, 285 grams of marijuana, 324 grams of hashish, an air rifle and €7,800 in cash.

As well as drug dealing the other gang members are accused of robbery with violence and intimidation, falsification of a public document, mistreatment of animals and robberies using force.

According to the Guardia Civil, the leader controlled the gang’s activities using people he trusted, like family members.