Torrevieja is getting €2.4 million to hire 150 young people

Torrevieja Town Hall is to receive €2.4 million to employ and train up to 153 young people under the age of 30 for a year.

Councillor Víctor Ferrández reminded they hired 81 young people last year with a grant of €1.4 million.

This year’s batch can include 67 people with qualifications (Formación Professional or higher) and 86 unqualified (with or without an ESO Secondary Education Certificate).

Anyone interested can find out more and apply in the Agencia de Desarrollo Local (ADL) and the SERVEF (Valencian Employment and Training Service) office until June 8th.

It is necessary to be registered with SERVEF as unemployed and with the Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil (National Youth Guarantee System).

The jobs for unqualified people include general administration, caretakers, labourers and lifeguards while those with qualifications could apply for architect, veterinary assistant or social educator, among others. The full list is in the ADL and on the website

Ferrández added that it is also still possible for young people to sign up for the T’avalem employment scheme until June the 4th.