Work will now start to replace street lights in the Plaza del Molino and Avenida Delfina Viudes

Torrevieja Councillor Domingo Soler and water company manager José Manuel Nadal have explained the improvements to the storm drains and sewers that are being carried out at a cost of €900,000.

Soler said the aim was to finish in May so as not to bother residents, tourists and business before the high season and Nadal assured they have done it in record time.

They have finished what is the second phase to prevent flooding on Avenida Cortes Valencianas and the streets adjacent to the industrial estate. The idea is to continue the storm drain from Calle Ballestrinque to collect water from the streets perpendicular to Avenida Rosa Mazón and stop flooding at the roundabout on Avenida de la Cortes Valencianas. They hope to finish the final phase and reasphalt the road of this before the summer but if this is not possible they will wait until September 15th.

Soler noted they not only want to stop flooding but also redirect the water to the treatment plant so it can be reused. This will require two more works like the one on Cortes Valencianas, one in Villa Amalia and the other in the basin of Villa Madrid at a cost of one million euros.

Work was also done on Avenida Orihuela from Ronda Ricardo Lafuente to Calle San Luis, an area that is busy with a lot of traffic where the sewers were laid over 20 years ago and had a series of deficiencies which have not been resolved. “When the sewers were created it was not thought there would be so many buildings in Torrevieja so it became obsolete and the diameter of the pipes has had to be changed from 200mmm to 315mm. This project cost €142,981.”

They also explained the work done on the sewers on Calle Palangre for €179,523 and on Calle Fragata for €149,164, where 315mm diameter pipes also had to be laid to cope with the increased volume of sewage and many deficiencies.

Soler commented that as well as the work to reasphalt the roads around Plaza de la Ermita, two projects subsidised by the Provincial Council will start replacing street lights in a few days. These will be in the Plaza del Molino for €56,888 and on Avenida de Delfina Viudes, where just the light bulbs will be changed for LEDs and the posts repainted for €60,362.