Swimming bans and warnings issued after sightings in the Vega Baja

Pilar de la Horadada prohibited swimming at all of its beaches on Sunday after the feared Portuguese man o’war appeared in the waters there.

The Town Hall took the decision to put up the red flag along the coast to not take any chances, as it is a highly toxic marine species with a dangerous sting. The closure is being maintained for the time being and the council will announce on social networks when it has been lifted and the beaches can be used again.

They warned that there is no lifeguard service on weekdays in the month of May so asked people to be careful when swimming, and if they see a Portuguese man o’war they should not touch it or approach it, just report it to the authorities.

But Pilar is not the only local place that has had to make this drastic decision. In Torrevieja a section of La Mata beach was closed for swimming while the rest of the coast flew yellow flags to warn people to be careful.

In Orihuela Costa swimming was prohibited at La Caleta (Cabo Roig) after two of the creatures were seen in the morning.

In Guardamar several examples of this species were removed, the Town Hall informed. It asked people to take precautions and avoid swimming “if possible”. The security services are paying close attention to the coast in case they have to respond to any emergency.