More than 40 parts of historic building have been damaged or destroyed

More than 40 parts of the Guardamar castle wall have been pulled off and smashed. Councillor Pilar Gay said these acts of vandalism have been reported to the Guardia Civil. She said the Town Hall is looking into  new ways to guard the area with the Local Police, Regional Police and Guardia Civil, among others.

Gay assured everything points to these repeated actions being done by one or more people “whose only objective was to break things. There is no other meaning and they are not aware of the damage they are causing to this archaeological place which is a protected Site of Cultural Interest (BIC)”

Causing damage to heritage can be fined with between €60,000 and €1.3 million depending on how serious it is. Municipal conserver Francisco J. Parres has evaluated the damage done as “€15,000 but incalculable to the artistic value as it is a BIC monument”.

There has been damage to three towers of the east wall, two holes made in archaeological land, graffiti and part of a wall was knocked down “which fortunately was a modern one”.

He said it is very serious but can be repaired and to do this they will have to ask for permission from the Valencian Government.

He explained the wall is always open and watched by security cameras. These images have been made available to the State Security Forces. Anyone can go there to relax, walk or look at the views “but if this keeps happening we might have to close it at certain times which we have never considered before”.

Pilar Gay noted a resident who lives near the castle heard noises and alerted the Local Police who came but could not find anyone. She also noted that several tools were almost certainly used to pull out the stone blocks.