Cambiemos studying legal measures to protect Orihuela’s last virgin coastline

Orihuela Town Hall and the business Gomendio changed the permitted use of land in Cala Mosca in 2003 before getting authorisation from the Valencian Government, which in the end denied authorisation a few days after the decision had already been taken.

This was revealed by the Cambiemos party councillor Javier Gracia and its leader, David Vegara. They have had access to the report issued at the time by the Valencian Environment Department. The Town Hall nevertheless still changed the status of this area of virgin coastline, which had been for educational use.

Gracia said the Town Hall had claimed then there was “too much” educational land in Orihuela Costa, on which only schools are allowed to be built, but the Valencian government did not agree and refused to give its authorisation.

Cambiemos announced they are studying all the documentation to see if it is possible to take legal measures for these actions.

The party had already reported this to the Anticorruption Prosecutor who did appreciate there was “apparent unlawfulness” but did not do anything more because the legal deadline to  prosecute such an offence had expired.

Gracia asked the local government to do something about this and look over all the documentation.

Cala mosca is the last area of virgin coastline in Orihuela and although the Valencian Government’s PATIVEL plan to protect the coast increases protection of the zone, there is still a two decades old plan to construct 1,500 homes there.