Councillor says she would like every day to be a fiesta like this

Rojales celebrated its Fiesta of Nations on Saturday in Ciudad Quesada. A giant banner on the stage read: “Rojales, discover it, enjoy it and feel it,” which Councillor Edelmira Andreu said reflected the objective of the event, which was “to make our town a welcoming place to live where people not born here can feel they are from Rojales”.

Hundreds of people attended this fun party in the Plaza Blanca, many of them from the more than 80 nationalities who live in the municipality. They include Derek monks, who is British and councillor for International Relations. also present werre Mayor Antonio Pérez and Councillor Lourdes López.

Cuisine, dance shows and a concert were the activities going on in the giant marquee set up for the occasion. There were also craftspeople from the Rodeo Caves association who showed their work and publicised this historic neighbourhood where their cave house workshops are located.

Edelmira said the day had been a success and that this council would like “every day of the year to be a fiesta of nations and Rojales to be a place of multicultural harmony”.