Cambiemos to ask council to defend their decision to prohibit use of animals in shows

Cambiemos party spokesman Carlos Bernabé has revealed he will propose at the next council meeting that they should defend their decision to declare Orihuela free of bullfights and circuses with animals.

He will do this, Bernabé explained, if Mayor Emilio Bascuñana does not say what he is going to do since the Superior Court of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) overruled the council’s decision, which they made by a majority in October 2015.

The councillor asked the mayor to say publicly if the Town Hall is going to appeal against the sentence, which is still possible until June the 8th. “If the mayor keeps turning aside this matter then we will propose to the whole council that they defend this motion,” he explained.

It was Cambiemos that brought the original motion to the council and it was passed with votes in favour from the PSOE and Ciudadanos, while the Partido Popular voted against it and Foro Demócrata abstained.

After it was approved, the Toro de Lidia Foundation took the Town Hall to the courts because they believed that the decision was one that only the national government has the power to make. In the end the TSJCV agreed with the association in a sentence which Cambiemos described as “excessive”.

Bernabé said the mayor is duty bound “to defend the will of the majority on the council”. “We respect that Emilio Bascuñana may have different ideas but as the president of the council he must defend this motion,” he noted.