Prosecution claims they attacked a man they caught burgling an officer’s house

Two of the officers who face charges

The Alicante Provincial Court – based in Elche – started a trial on Thursday against several Torrevieja Local Police accused of torturing two people they surprised burgling the house of one of the officers. The incident happened in 2006. Also accused is the then councillor for police and another two officers for knowing about the incident and not following it up.

According to the Prosecution Service, the Local Police inspector knew his house was being burgled so told several patrols to go there. They arrested two suspects and took them to the police station, where they attacked, threatened and insulted them.

Afterwards some of those accused changed the report so it seemed the injuries suffered by the people they had arrested had been accidental.

The prosecution is asking for sentences of between one and two years in prison for various offences of torture, faking official documents and not pursuing crimes.