Temporary locations have been chosen until a public consultation is held to decide a definitive site

Councillors Javier Manzanares and Víctor Ferrándezhave announced that before the summer Torrevieja will have two beaches where animals are allowed to swim. The two places, Punta Margalla and Cala del Moro will be adapted as a provisional measure until a definitive location is chosen in a referendum of residents on the same day as the municipal elections in May 2019.

Ferrández noted that this will actually be the first time the people of Torrevieja have been consulted in this way. He explained all the political parties on the council recently met to discuss the matter now that a bylaw regulating how it would work has been passed.

“We wanted a unanimous consensus so that Torrevieja could have a beach for animals and six of the seven parties understood this so we agreed to hold a formal consultation coinciding with the municipal elections. Until this consultation is held we will set up two beaches for animals as a provisional measure.”

Punta Margalla is by the columns monument between Playas del Cura and De Los Locos, while Cala del Moro is a cove just south of La Mata by Cabo Cervera park.

These locations were also chosen by consensus, as Punta Margalla was proposed by the Partido Popular, he added. By holding the consultation at the same time as the election, it will not cost the Town Hall anything extra to organise, noted the councillor.

Javier Manzanares said work to put up signs and prepare the beaches sould take less than two months, “which will realise a dream of many people who have pets that they can finally go for a swim with them”. He also explained that the two places chosen have a good natural shape which means it will not be necessary to fence them off and they will not interfere with other swimming areas.

He thanked the other parties who had supported the council’s decision, and satirised the PP’s demand for a public consultation “because they used to hold consultations every year”. He noted that people often ask him in the street when a beach for animals will be set up and was pleased that finally the necessary conditions to do so have been met.

Both councillors explained that having these two spaces, one quite close to the centre and the other further away, as an experiment will enable them to “learn from any possible errors” so that everything possible can be improved when the definitive location is chosen.

Cala del Moro