Guardia Civil managed to catch the suspect within 36 hours of the robbery

The Guardia Civil have caught a 34 year old man in Callosa de Segura on suspicion of two robberies with violence and intimidation and two thefts. He allegedly attacked a jeweller’s threatening the two employees with a knife and took €5,000.

An operation made up of about 10 plain clothes officers and numerous uniformed patrols managed to catch the man, who they said was moving around the area as he has no known home.

At about the time the shop was closing, a man wearing a reflective jacket came in an dropped an umbrella in the doorway so it would not close and, with a knife in his hand threatened the two assistants, telling them to hand over the day’s takings, which were about €5,000.

It was an indication of the man’s violent nature that before he left he punched one of the display cases and shattered the glass. Fortunately the employees were not hurt and managed to get away in time.

All available Guardia Civil officers were involved in the search for this man, which covered every corner of the municipality. Their incessant searching paid off as the suspect was arrested 36 hours later while he was cycling along a street, and he had to be subdued with force because of his aggressiveness.

Once he had been arrested, the investigation also cleared up two thefts committed that same day and another robbery with violence a week before at a sports shop. In this last case, the physical description provided by the shop assistant completely coincided with the suspect, who stole clothing worth €1,200 after struggling with her.

The suspect is a 34 year old Spanish man who was put before a court in Orihuela which ordered him to be held in prison.