Partido Popular accuse the mayor of “irresponsibility” and “neglect”

The Partido Popular of Catral has accused the mayor, Pedro Zaplana of the APC party, of breaking the law by not holding the regular council meeting in March. The meeting was scheduled according to a calendar which the mayor himself proposed and was approved at the start of his term in office. The last time a council meeting was held in the municipality was in January.

The PP said this kind of neglect is nothing new from the mayor, as since the start of the present mandate council meetings have repeatedly not been called on the established dates. “His attitude is causing administrative concern which is affecting all areas of the municipal administration”.

“The mayor’s irresponsibility towards the Town Council and the people of Catral concerns us. His spent politics and his only intention to vegetate in office without a single project for the municipality is paralysing management of the Town Hall, which is only surviving on the different grants and subsidies being granted by the Alicante Provincial Council.

Catral has “a sleeping mayor” whose “lack of will and opacity is violating the right of the opposition to question his work, as well as the rest of the council and the citizens”.

For the PP, there is no excuse to not call council meetings on time and they called on him to improve his attitude and change his bad habits.