Loud 3.5 magnitude tremor was felt for miles around

The earth shook again in the Vega Baja on Friday evening when an quake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale was felt over a wide area.

It was recorded at 7:26pm in the east of Pilar with an epicentre about 4 kilometres off the coast, according to the National Geographic Institute (IGN).

The earthquake alarmed the population of the municipality, as well as people in Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, Guardamar del Segura, Benejúzar and Formentera  del Segura, who took to social media to express their concern. The testimonials spoke of the loud noise that accompanies the tremor, which occurred 10 kilometres below the ground.

There were no injuries reported as a result of  the quake, nor were fire fighters required to intervene anywhere. The Provincial Fire Brigade did note that they received several calls from worried people asking about the strong tremor.

The Vega Baja is an area with a significant amount of seismic activity, where small earthquakes happen quite regularly, although the one on Friday was bigger than usual.