Nadia Serrano has left her job as a psychologist to join fire brigade

Torrevieja resident Nadia Serrano, aged 33, has become the second woman in the Provincial Fire Brigade since 2004 when María José Porcel made history by being the first.

It is a small step towards gender equality in a job which is rare to be held by a woman in Spain.

Serrano is leaving her work as a psychologist to join the fire brigade . She joins along with 56 other people who on Wednesday took up their positions as temps.

The new recruits were chosen from the last selection process and, after taking the required practical courses will start active duty at various fire stations.

This new contingent is in addition to the 57 who earned a place during the process (40 existing temps and 17 new additions) and another 43 who started a few weeks ago as temps.

Los nuevos efectivos proceden de la bolsa de trabajo emanada del último proceso selectivo y, tras los cursos prácticos correspondientes, se incorporarán de modo activo a los turnos del servicio operativo en los diferentes parques.

The Provincial Fire Brigade has taken on 116 new recruits of whom 99 are temps, making a total of 600 members, explained the Deputy for Emergencies Jaume Lloret. He added there may be new additions over the coming months.

Lloret wished them luck and said they are making a younger, more numerous and better suited fire brigade to cover the needs of 140 municipalities.