Nursing union accuses Torrevieja Salud over intoxication incident

Nursing union SATSE made an accusation against the Torrevieja Salud heathcare department over an alleged intoxication of patients and workers at La Loma Health Centre last Friday, after a company fumigated the waiting room, bathrooms, staff rooms and the store room.

The company was treating the building against insects and the area where it was working were closed and the security personnel were instructed to open them again from 9pm that night.

According to SATSE that same day staff started to feel sickness and stomach pains, a sensation which increased when the fumigated areas were opened “and the smell spread quickly through the whole centre”.

At this time patients started to complain, and one patient who had come with their children for dyspnoea said it had quickly got worse. This was then the medical and non-medical personnel decided to rapidly relocate the patients, according to the accusation.

At first they thought of moving them to the upper floor but the smell there was even stronger so they moved all the people to the waiting room for ambulances and the offices at the end of the corridor where the security personnel, closing off the rest of the centre.

At 11pm a SATSE health and safety rep arrived to evaluate the situation and soon started to notice a feeling of sickness and nausea.

Finally it was decided to inform the Guardia Civil, who after visiting the centre wrote a report explaining what had happened, and even they were affected “by a stinging sensation in the nostrils and general discomforts”.

SATSE handed in their accusation with the Guardia Civil report to the Orihuela Public Health Authority to establish who was responsible for what happened.