Torrevieja Salud launches mobile application to help communication between patients and professionals

The Torrevieja Salud healthcare department has launched YOSalud as a mobile application for patients to communicate with doctors from wherever they area.

It enables patients to:

  • Access test results
  • Download discharge reports
  • Communicate online with medical professionals in a chat
  • Ask for or modify appointments
  • Monitor their chronic conditions
  • Download x-rays and medical absence justification forms

YOSalud is now available to use on mobile phones and tables, as well as in its traditional form on computers. This can prevent having to make unnecessary journeys and allow direct and quick interaction with medical professionals.

It is also a useful tool for medical professionals as they can more easily keep track of patients, especially chronic ones. It reduces the number of in-person consultations for administrative purposes and guarantees correct communication with patients and/or carers.

Any patient who downloads the application and registers can manage their appointments directly from their mobile, consult their previous ones, provide documents for their clinical history and check test results.

Without doubt chatting with their doctor or nurse is one of the possibilities that is most valued by patients, who can check about any doubts they may have without having to travel anywhere.

Another big advantage is being able to download x-rays and medical absence justification forms without having to visit the Admissions desk.

As a new feature, the mobile device will notify patients at the moment they arrive at the hospital which office they have to go to without them having to register their arrival at the machines in the entrance.

Currently YOSalud has over 54,000 users in the Torrevieja Health Department, 28,000 of them use it frequently to communicate with their doctor or nurse. This has resulted in a total of 480,000 messages being sent and received between them.

How to register

Patients who belong to the Torrevieja Health Department can download the application from the website Then they have to register by entering their personal details: SIP number, mobile phone number, health centre and date of birth. This data is then verified against the patients’ database, with total security guaranteed, and the patient will receive an SMS text message with the password.

In case of any doubt visit your health centre for more detailed information.