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Day: May 10, 2018

Second female fire fighter in Alicante province is from Torrevieja

Nadia Serrano has left her job as a psychologist to join fire brigade Torrevieja resident Nadia Serrano, aged 33, has become the second woman in the Provincial Fire Brigade since 2004 when María José Porcel made history by being the first. It is a small step towards gender equality in a job which is rare to be held by a woman in Spain. Serrano is leaving her work as a psychologist to join the fire brigade . She joins along with 56 other people who on Wednesday took up their positions as temps. The new recruits were chosen from...

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Helicopter rescue for man in San Miguel de Salinas

68 year old hiker had broken both hips after a fall The Fire Brigade rescued a 68 year old German man on Wednesday who fell while walking in the Rambla de la Fayona in San Miguel de Salinas, breaking both hips. He managed to call 112 himself and a translator was able to find out his exact location. At first fire fighters from Torrevieja and medics attended to him on site but as it was impossible to move him on a stretcher because the ravine was steep a helicopter was required to rescue him. He was transferred to an...

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App lets patients manage appointments and contact doctor

Torrevieja Salud launches mobile application to help communication between patients and professionals The Torrevieja Salud healthcare department has launched YOSalud as a mobile application for patients to communicate with doctors from wherever they area. It enables patients to: Access test results Download discharge reports Communicate online with medical professionals in a chat Ask for or modify appointments Monitor their chronic conditions Download x-rays and medical absence justification forms YOSalud is now available to use on mobile phones and tables, as well as in its traditional form on computers. This can prevent having to make unnecessary journeys and allow direct...

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Patients and staff report sickness after Health Centre fumigation

Nursing union accuses Torrevieja Salud over intoxication incident Nursing union SATSE made an accusation against the Torrevieja Salud heathcare department over an alleged intoxication of patients and workers at La Loma Health Centre last Friday, after a company fumigated the waiting room, bathrooms, staff rooms and the store room. The company was treating the building against insects and the area where it was working were closed and the security personnel were instructed to open them again from 9pm that night. According to SATSE that same day staff started to feel sickness and stomach pains, a sensation which increased when...

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