Covered stand had serious problems and was not legal so new one will be built

Torrevieja Town Hall started demolishing the covered stand at the Vicente García football stadium on Friday. Councillor Víctor Ferrández explained the company hired by the council was using a mechanical digger to pull the structure down.

The plan is to completely demolish the stand and the changing rooms underneath it, dismantle and remove the asbestos panels, knock down the subterranean walls, disconnect all the installations, divert all the overhead cables which serve other areas, fill in the hole with artificial gravel and finish off the space once the work has been completed.

The company has obtained an extension to the deadline so that it can get the required authorisation to dispose of the four asbestos panels properly, which means the work is expected to be finished towards the end of August.

Ferrández commented that the pitch will be ready to start the football season and the council is already working on the second phase, which is to design a new stand so that the stadium has suitable and modern facilities.

He criticised that the last council in 2014, when it was controlled by the Partido Popular, had a report detailing the serious problems and recommending that the stand and changing rooms not be used, but did nothing before the new council came in.

The stand did not have a licence wither, nor was is registered as Town Hall property, which would have made it very difficult to legalise, as well as it being in seriously deteriorated condition. Therefore this council decided it would be simpler to demolish it and build a new and properly legal one. The cost of the contract was €164,537 but it could not be carried out until the 2018 budget was approved

These new “necessary and urgent measures” will guarantee the safety of municipal employees, players and fans who come to the stadium, assured the councillor.