Activity will be on Saturday as part of Let’s Clean Europe programme

Torrevieja Town Hall is joining in with the Let’s Clean Europe programme on Saturday May 12th with a cleaning activity at La Mata Natural Park. The activity is managed by the water company AGAMED and also supported by Alicante University and property construction company TM, which is providing some volunteers to help out.

Anyone can join in and the more people there are the easier it will be and the better the job will be done, insisted Councillor Fanny Serrano.

Park director Francisco J. Martínez said the participants will be given a talk before they start so they know what to do with the rubbish they find, which they plan to separate and recycle afterwards if possible.

He explained the type of materials to be removed include equipment used by the old users of the park to catch wild rabbits and stop them from eating crops, which park workers find it hard to get permission to remove so this initiative is very welcome.

AGAMED will provide the containers and bags and weight the material to be recycled and there will be prizes for those who collect the most.

The European Residue Reduction Week started in 2009 and last year there were 13,410 activities around Europe. “It is  very important to remember the three Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” said the councillor, and she reminded that all volunteers should come prepared for the work with a hat, gloves, sun cream and proper shoes.

The meeting point is the cark park of La Mata cemetery at 10am and the activity is expected to finish at 1pm.