Gusts of wind reached 100 kilometres per hour

The month of April was dry, with normal temperatures and very windy in Torrevieja. This is what was indicated by the data compiled by the weather stations the Mastral Project has distributed around the town.

Precipitation only reached 9 litres per square metre, which is only 30% of the average for the fourth month of the year. Most of this rain was recorded  between April 25th and 26th.

The average temperature was only a few decimal points above average. There were no very cold days, nor were there any that were particularly cold, making it a very pleasant month in the town.

Without doubt the most unusual aspect of the weather was the persistence and strength of the wind. There were several days when the wind exceeded 50km/h but in the early morning of Tuesday April 24th there was a gust of 94.8km/h at the Playa de los Locos weather station, and over 80km/h at La Mata beach weather station.

Across the whole Valencian Community, according to AEMET, the Spanish MET office, April 2018 was hot and dry, with an average temperature almost one degree above average and 35% less precipitation.