Damaged cobbles being replaced with tarmac after botch-job by previous council

Work started this week to repave the streets around the Plaza de Oriente, Pedro Lorca, Moriones, Ulpiano and Zoa, which had become so deteriorated they were causing problems for traffic and pedestrians.

Torrevieja Mayor José Manuel Dolón visited the site on Wednesday with Councillor Domingo Soler.

The job started by digging up the existing surface with heavy machinery and pneumatic drills, and taking the old cobbles and gravel to the tip. This will be replaced with tarmac, and they will also replace the drains, manhole covers and any damaged kerbs.

The total cost is €60,578 and the work is expected to be finished before May 27th.

The mayor said the original surface was organised by the last council led by the Partido Popular, who gave the company back its deposit even though there were immediate problems with the paving so now the council has had to pay for the work to be done again.