Almoradí school talks warn about dangers of addiction and abuse of smart phones

Primary school children in Almoradí are benefiting from talks about addiction to new technologies.

Councillor Almudena Albentosa has been working to keep necessary projects, promote little known resources (like the Municipal Unit for Prevention of Addictive Behaviours – UPCCA) and start some new activities.

In 2017 the UPCCA got a new image and started a programme called  Dzcnkta (disconnect), given the problem that 1 in 4 young people confess to being addicted to their mobile phone and social networks.

Since it was so welcomed at secondary schools and there are still some who do not realise this can become an addiction, in 2018 it was decided to continue the programme at primary schools. This is being done without being dramatic by promoting use rather than abuse of new technologies and technological tools by raising awareness.

In Albentosa’s words: “cases like this kind of addiction are increasing and it is time to invest and prevent because the Almoradí UPCCA is treating children with these problems. Politicians and Town Halls cannot relax while we cannot find a solution for this situation.”

UPCCA psychologist Rosario Roca reminded that “addictions are a serious health problem that cannot be dismissed as less serious than substance abuse, because these activities can cause similar symptoms to drug dependency”.

The talks are taking place at schools every Friday until May 18th.