Residents can apply now for up to €200 per month

The mayor of Guardamar del Segura, José Luis Sáez has announced that the period to present applications for municipal grants to help pay rent is now open.

This is the first time this kind of charitable measure has been offered by the municipality to help citizens with economic difficulties to exercise their right to a dignified home.

“This is a project agreed by the PSOE, EU and QG parties to relieve the problems which many of our residents are facing and it is in addition to others which are already in motion or in the process of approval,” indicated Sáez.

Among these social grants to cover people’s basic needs he highlighted ones for food, drinking water, electricity, transport or aid for paying IBI tax, along with other extraordinary measures.

The social rent plan will be assigned €100,000 to help people up to a maximum of €200 per month. The period for presenting applications will remain open until May 21st. One of the requirements is to be registered on the municipal Padrón (census) for at least the last six months. The information required to complete the procedure can be obtained from the Oficina Municipal  de la Vivienda.