Town Hall campaign asks residents to dispose of their rubbish properly

While the Orihuela Costa rubbish collection service may leave much to be desired, there are also many residents and businesses who make the situation worse by ignoring the rules.

The Town Hall has presented a campaign called Juaga limpio (Play clean), ‘to make people aware of the importance of looking after the area by doing small things to keep the streets and beaches clean’, said Councillor Dámaso Aparicio

The campaign notes that people can help by using the litter bins, respecting urban furniture, picking up their dogs’ mess and taking their rubbish out at the allowed times, as well as separating the waste that can be recycled.

There are promotional posters, press adverts and a website,, all in the style of an old fashioned video game. 30,000 leaflets are being distributed, those in Orihuela Costa are also in English and German and emphasise when and where it is allowed to leave out old furniture and garden waste for collection.

“Everyone’s small anonymous gestures will help us reach our objective, which is not who can clean up the most, but who can make the least mess,” said Aparicio.

He reminded there is also a recycling deposit for a wide variety of waste products outside the Town Hall in Playa Flamenca.