Action being taken in the city, coast and riverside

Orihuela Town Hall has revealed the action it is taking to control mosquitoes in the municipality.

The company contracted for the service regularly checks over 100 focal points, applying totally biological larvicides, said Councillor Miguel Ángel Fernández. These treatments are authorised for use in environmentally sensitive places like the Barranco de las Estacas ravine in Orihuela Costa and stagnant points along the River Segura.

The idea is to prevent adult mosquitoes from developing by eliminating larvae, which develop faster as the temperatures increase. Also the frequent rain, varying height of the river, irregular irrigation of farms and street cleaning all enable water to accumulate in drains and gutters, helping these insects to proliferate.

The councillor noted the Town Hall has installed box-houses for bats and swallows along the River Segura, as both species also help to control mosquitoes.

Fernández asked the public to help by reporting any large pools of stagnant water to the Town Hall using the mobile phone application Orihuela en tu Mano.