High winds on Tuesday and possible heavy rain with storms on Wednesday and Thursday

By The Mastral Project

The stable spring weather has not lasted long. After a few days with a lot of sunshine and very pleasant temperatures the weather has changed again and could keep doing so over the next couple of days.

Until today the wind had occasionally been a bit unpleasant, especially by the coast, with the Mastral Project weather stations registering gusts of over 60km/h in Torrevieja.

These gusts got even stronger on Tuesday, especially in the morning, reaching up to 83.4km/h in La Mata and 94.9km/h at Playa de los Locos. Since it has been a north-north easterly wind it has generated quite big waves onto the coast. It also blew down the fence around the empty site by Torrevieja bus station, and police had to cordon off the area.

But the changes to the weather do not stop there. A pocket of cold air moving along the south of the Iberian Peninsula will increase the chances of rain and storms on Wednesday. It cannot be predicted with any certainty where exactly there could fall with most force but the whole south east of the Peninsula, including Torrevieja and the Vega Baja, could be hit.

For this reason from Wednesday night until Thursday afternoon there is a possibility of rains which could occasionally be heavy and accompanied by storms. But given the unpredictability of this cold air system’s movements, it is also possible there could be very little rain.

The situation will improve slightly from midday on Thursday when the cold air moves on and the wind changes direction and blows with less intensity.

You can keep up to date with the changing weather situation on the Mastral Project website, www.eltiempoentorrevieja.es, and its social network pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.