National Government projects have been stopped for four years

Torrevieja Town Hall is taking action because the Government company Acuamed still has not done the work it promised on some promenades which are dangerous as a result of this inaction.

Mayor José Manuel Dolón reminded that the Paseo de Poniente project has been stopped for four years, and neither the company hired to do the work nor the Ministry for the environment has bothered to make sure the area is properly fenced off or check what condition the street lights are in.

The fence has completely fallen down so people  are constantly walking in there and putting themselves in danger, said the mayor, so he has ordered the Town Hall to replace the fencing and take all the necessary safety precautions to stop people getting in before it gets busy in the summer.

This promenade is one of the projects which Acuamed promised to carry out in return for the installation of the desalinisation plant in Torrevieja, but has not been done because of a discrepancy over €20,000 between the building company and the Ministry.

Behind all this there is also a corruption scandal involving the company which is affecting a number of Acuamed projects because some of its directors and high ranking Partido Popular (PP) are being investigated by the courts.

The mayor also referred to the stoppage of the project for a path that was planned from the Paseo de Poniente to urbanisation Mar Azul. He had proposed it be extended to urbanisation Rocio del Mar, by the Nautilus restaurant in compensation for shortening the promenade design being shortened.

This was originally accepted by the Ministry but the mayor insisted no-one believes the claim it was stopped because of a staircase by the bar at the houses near Cala Ferris, as he already suggested this could be avoided by redirecting this part of the path behind along the street instead of on the coast.

This stoppage is also affecting residents in the Barrio de San Roque as stormy seas and rain have made holes by the sea and the tides have made the ground very uneven.

Dolón said he has written to the government saying the Town Hall will do some work to fix this before the summer, even if it is not a definitive solution, “because the most important thing is people’s safety so we have to do something”.