Contracts Department head defends his workers’ professionalism

Hundreds of people have expressed disappointment and even anger at the closure of the beach bars service in Orihuela Costa, which also affects the toilets, hammocks, sunshades and other activities.

The Councillor in charge of contracts at Orihuela Town Hall, Francisco Sáez has said the company’s contract to operate the services could not have been extended because he never received a request to do so from the Beaches Department.

Beaches Councillor Luisa Boné had claimed a few days before that municipal technicians had told her the existing contract would cover Easter 2018 having started in summer 2014 and finished after 4 years.

Although she had not originally wanted to extend the contract because it is the subject of a court investigation, it turned out this would not have been possible anyway because the contract had actually already ended in November 2017.

The company, Chiringuitos del Sol has offered to continue running the services just for this summer so that the new contract does not have to be rushed.

According to Sáez, the Contracts Department “only told the company it cannot keep providing the service because it no longer has any contractual relationship with Orihuela Town Hall”.

The councillor insisted his department is not responsible for extending the contract or putting the new one out to tender, “because we only process the applications from other Town Hall departments”.

Sáez defended his personnel, assuring they are “professional and it does not seem right to question their work”.

“We will try to finish the folder as soon as possible so that the summer will be covered by a new contract.”

He said last week the Beaches Department gave in the folder of technical conditions for a new contract and criteria for choosing the best offer, so the tender process can begin.

Municipal technicians are working on the administrative conditions and as soon as they are finished the contract can be put out to tender, “respecting the deadlines set out in the Law on Contracts”.