Town Hall claims decision is down to implication of ex-councillor in alleged fraud awarding contract

Orihuela councillor Luisa Boné has confirmed that the beach bars and other services under the same contract (hammocks, parasols, etc) have been suspended.

The decision was taken because of the news about the involvement of a councillor from the last council and the company involved in the management of these services in an alleged fraud connected to the awarding of the contract for these services in 2014.

The relationship between the Town Hall and the company that was awarded the contract started in June 2014, for 4 years extendable by another three years. In November Councillor Luisa Boné announced she did not want to award the contract to the same company, given the doubts about the contract with the last council, but not about the service itself, about which no complaints had been received.

The Investigating Court indicated the alleged fraud could have been related to the contract clause that a “Q for quality tourism” award was a requirement.

The Town Hall started the process to put the contract for the service out to tender again, letting the other company carry on under the same conditions in return for more money, and will have the conditions of the new contract ready soon.

Until then, Both the company managing the service and the people accusing them in court have given their opinions to the Town Hall. Municipal technicians decided that the existing contract would cover Easter 2018 having started in summer 2014 and finished after 4 years.

Because of the allegations, from people who had also made offers to run the beach bar services, the Town Hall has said it is impossible to let the beach businesses continue and so has suspended the activity because the contract is no longer valid.

The Councillor hopes the terms of the new contract can be approved in a few days so that the activities can continue legally in summer 2018.