30 kilometre trek through a variety of natural settings

Enjoyment of nature, healthy physical exercise and getting to know the municipality are the objectives of the ‘Vuelta a Rojales’ (lap of Rojales) walk. The 7th edition of this annual event will take place this Sunday April 15th.

It will follow a 30 kilometre circuit around the municipality through urban and varied natural settings, like the River Segura, hills, scrubland, woods and wetlands.

Councillor Pedro Llopis said on Thursday more than 400 people have signed up already. For this reason there will be plenty of security provided by the Local Police either following the route on foot or controlling traffic along roads on the way. Civil Protection volunteers and DYA association ambulances will also be on hand, and the town hall had public liability insurance in case of accidents for everybody taking part.

The route itself has a medium to low difficulty rating and starts at the Recinto Ferial (between Avenida Justo Quesada and the River Segura near Mercadona supermarket) at 8am. Over the course of about 7 hours the route will pass through changing landscapes like the riverside, the Cabezo Soler hill and the Recorral, La Mata lake natural park, El Hoyo Serrano natural area and urban areas.

Llopis indicated there will be two places along the way where participants can stop for water, isotonic drinks and fruit provided by the Town Hall, one by La Mata lake and the other at El Hoyo Serrano.

At the end the Town Hall some snacks at the Recinto Ferial for everyone to recover their strength.

To register fill in the application form on the Town Hall website here: https://goo.gl/forms/xcm44V80tthQtDYo1